Yes! We absolutely want to participate in this program!

Volume I is now closed—we are compiling a participant list for Volume II.  You may complete the contact information on the RSVP below or email; we will contact you when we kick off Volume II.

I understand that the package includes:
• Historical perspective of your business.
• Published in a quality hard-cover, glossy-page book with other leading Rock County businesses (10.5” x 7.75” pages)
• Becomes part of a Janesville Gazette sponsored reader series
• Included on
• Your business name included in promotion materials for book and series
• One copy of book
• ¼ page advertisement quarterly (2018) in The Janesville Gazette to promote employee service awards, business awards, new developments, branding, etc.
• Recognition of participation with donation to the Rock County Historical Society

I understand that we will need to provide historical information, logos, and photos for publishing; all provided components will be free from any copyright issues; all elements will be subject to print quality review and editing by Bliss Communications, Inc.; guidance, templates, photo specifications, deadlines will be provided.
I release and give permission to Bliss Communications, Inc. and the Rock County Historical Society all supplied information for use in fulfilling this program, including but not limited to final product and promotion of such product.


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